OUR Vision

To be the Prime of Industrial technical Solutions, As our Endeavors with coordinated methodologies for conveying quality Real Time PRACTICAL (and material/information) Assistance, Thereby enhancing specialized abilities of our competitors.

OUR Mission

  1. Work for a 100% Quality job.
  2. Work for a Standardization.
  3. Work for a 100 % Customer satisfaction.
  4. To support our team to maintain Responsibility and ownership of the organization to achieve our short term and long term goals.
  5. Spending some amount of our profits to social welfare.
  6. Creating awareness of technology and also Training rural area talented students.

We are in to :

  1. Industrial Automation Services and Projects.
  2. Retro fitment of old machines.
  3. Electrical drawings.
  4. Panel Designing and wiring (HT/LT/Control panels).
  5. Industry 4.0 related application software development.
  6. Customized Industrial Embedded applications.
  7. Industrial computers service and AMC.
  8. Man power out sourcing and consultancy services. (Electricians, Mechanics and Automation Engineers).
  9. Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0 training programs.
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